Economic injustice and inequality are systemic problems, and addressing them requires us to work from the ground up to build systemic change. Find out how restoring overtime pay and raising the minimum wage will boost pay and help working people achieve and sustain economic security and prosperity.


After the 2017 presidential election, workers around the nation faced extraordinary challenges and attacks on their hard-won workplace rights to fair pay and safe workplaces, their right to join together to bargain over working conditions, and their right to hold their employers accountable for unfair labor practices

The swift and ruthless attempts to roll back workers’ rights and benefits threaten both immediate and long-term harm to the economic security and well-being of workers and their families.

NELP Action provides analysis and research to assist advocates and workers with fighting against the Trump administration’s attempts to roll back rules, change laws or cut agency funds that benefit working people.


With millions of families just one missed paycheck away from economic crisis, NELP Action provides legal and policy support to campaigns committed to improving jobs, boosting wages, and fixing broken worker protection systems in Florida and Maryland.